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2018 Aloe Vera Juice Brand Comparison

2018 Aloe Vera Juice Brand Comparison

The test for potency.
MPS (MeOH Precipitable Solids) are used for determining the potency of an Aloe Vera Juice product. A pure Aloe Vera Juice (utilizing the entire leaf in processing) should have a MPS value of 5,000 - 9,500 mg/L. Approximately 50% of the MPS value are polysaccharides which are considered the most important active ingredient in Aloe Vera.

21 Years of Setting the Standard for Aloe Vera Juice.

Since 1997 the potency & quality of our products has been verified through independent laboratory tests, so that you can be confident that the products you purchase from us are what we say they are.

Why the difference in MPS?
The greatest concentration of active ingredients is found where the rind interfaces with the inner gel of an Aloe Vera leaf. The average MPS value for inner leaf (fillet) juice is 1,500 mg/L, whereas an average of 7,000 mg/L is obtained when the entire leaf is utilized. A product that is labeled as "Leaf" or "Whole Leaf" but has a MPS value of less than 5,000 mg/L is not pure Aloe Vera Juice.

2017 Single Strength (1:1 Concentration) Aloe Vera Juice Brand Comparison
PHARM-ALOE 99.7% Aloe Vera Juice A1905176 7,184
UNIVERA AloeSelect 144713 5,405
LILY OF THE DESERT Filtered Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice 06436 4,807
THE VITAMIN SHOPPE Filtered Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice 4836 4,333
WHOLE FOODS MARKET 365 Whole Leaf Filtered Aloe Vera Juice 34936 4,109
COATS ALOE INTNERNATIONAL Aloe Vera Juice CA41041501710 3,949
FOREVER LIVING Aloe Vera Juice 250316 3,872
LAKEWOOD Pure Aloe 256D-BB-256DA1 3,722
ALOECURE Pure Aloe Extract 0909151026 3,317
GNC Filtered Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice 08221 2,839
MIRACLE OF ALOE 100% Real Aloe Juice 12636 1,792
REAL ALOE Aloe Juice 032011 1,739
ALO EXPOSED 45168AX 1,458
OKF ALOE VERA KING Aloe M.03.03.2015.59 1,408
NATURE'S SUNSHINE 100% Aloe Vera Juice 10715016 1,348
DYNAMIC HEALTH Aloe Vera Juice 201204 1,159
CRYSTAL CREEK Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel 10234 574
ALOE FARMS Aloe Vera Juice 060064 486
HEALTHWEIGHT Raw Aloe Vera Juice 141011 420
HERBAL ANSWERS Pure Aloe Force M160204 303
NATURE'S WAY Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 021253M001-Y 222
CVS PHARMACY Aloe Vera Juice 0109BQ 119
SUNFLOWER FARMERS MARKET Aloe Vera Juice 75236 119
NATURAL REQUEST Aloe Vera Juice 35136 113
SWANSON Aloe Vera 26046-11 96
FRUIT OF THE EARTH 99.8% Aloe Vera Juice 0595JR 33
GEORGE'S 100% Aloe Vera 5188 0
2017 Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate Brand Comparison
PHARM-ALOE Aloe Vera Juice 4X CONCENTRATE 021853013 28,376
GASTRIX 031851 24,611
COUNTRY LIFE Real Food Organics Liquid Aloe Vera 14050587 22,415
ALOE LIFE Aloe Gold Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate 1118K5-G 19,221
LILY OF THE DESERT Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate 63534 18,543
NOW Aloe Vera Concentrate 1701165 9,186
HERBALIFE Herbal Aloe Concentrate 991601C13 3,888