Aloe Vera Brand Comparison

The Active Ingredient.
Acemannan (mannose polysaccharide) is the key active ingredient that gives Aloe Vera its many therapeutic benefits relating to our immune and digestive systems. For this reason, we use it to determine the potency of Aloe Vera products.

The Method of Measurement.
Quality and efficacy of an Aloe Vera product can be determined b the total amount of Acemannan found. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is one method for the direct detection and quantification of the primary components of interest in Aloe Vera products.

2021 Aloe Vera Brand Comparison

The Whole Story
In addition to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, we also employ High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Methanol Precipitable Solids, Total Solids, pH, Viscosity, Aroma, and Flavor analysis. We have been working with nationally recognized independent laboratories conducting these analyses in an effort to keep the Aloe industry honest since 1997.