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Aloe Vera - Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

All of our products are made using extracts from Certified Organic Aloe Vera leaves.

Yes. All Aloe Vera Juice products must be treated for bacteria. An Aloe Vera Juice that is cold processed has been treated for naturally occurring bacteria by HTST (high-temperature, short-time) pasteurization. All of the biologically active components remain intact through this process.

Yes, during processing anthraquinones, aloin, alo emodin are filtered out to less than 1 part per million.

Research has shown that the greatest concentration of active ingredients in Aloe Vera is where the rind interfaces with the inner gel. Prior to this finding the inner gel was removed discarding the rest of the leaf. This process is known today as Aloe Vera "Inner Leaf" or "Fillet". Pharm-Aloe Aloe Vera is made by a process that utilizes the entire leaf. This process is known as Aloe Vera "Leaf".

Pharm-Aloe Aloe Vera Juice has 3 to 6 times more potency than Aloe Vera Fillet Juice. We utilize the entire leaf by grinding the leaves into a puree and then remove the rind, anthraquinones, aloin, and aloe emodin, leaving a clear Aloe Vera Juice. Aloe Vera Fillet Juice averages 1,500 mg/L MPS while Aloe Vera Juice averages 7,000 mg/L MPS.

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