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Aloe Vera for Horses

When you want the best for your horses provide them with the extraordinary benefits of Pharm-Aloe to support their GI health, immune system, aid the balancing of stomach pH, support normal detoxification and normal inflammatory response processes and reinforce cellular communication. When used topically it supports the healing of skin tissue, helps itching and soothes insect bites.



Equine Brand Comparison


Pharm-Aloe is my go-to supplement.
I see a big improvement in overall health and attitude in the horses I ride.

Dennis Brazeal

I love the peace of mind Pharm-Aloe gives me!
 From my treasured broodmares and stallions to my trail and endurance horses, I know their digestive and immune systems are optimally supported.
 Andrea Pabel-Deane

Eli the 17 year old Gelding

This is Eli, a 17 year old Apendix gelding who has suffered with gastrointestinal and stomach issues for many years.
He had been kept in a large dry lot paddock with 3 other geldings.
On November 11, 2017 he was removed from the 3 other horses and he started receiving 3 cups of Pharm-Aloe Horse Pellets 1x per day.
Eli was also provided with free-choice grass hay, plentiful well water, a Redmond Rock Salt, and kept in a large dry paddock alone but with horses he could touch over the fence.
Please note the improvement on January 14th.
Eli is continuing to gain weight.
He doesn’t pace the fence line or aggressively paw the ground any longer.
His farrier for the past 8 years was very impressed with being able to pick up and trim Eli's hind feet.
In the past it was an “explosive” event so the farrier often put shoes on the front feet only. After 6 months on the Pharm-Aloe Horse Pellets there was absolutely no reaction to picking up the hind feet and trimming them. Eli stood there calming licking and chewing.

Cassidy Martin Barber May, 2018

Alkali Skinner the 16 year old

We were looking for something to bring this 16+ hand Off the Track Thoroughbred gelding back, Alkali Skinner.
When we got him he looked awful and after he was wormed he lost 200 lbs.

Using Pharm-Aloe 4X CONCENTRATE helped get his topline back.
He stopped the constant pacing and his coat is coming back.

He is a completely different horse now.
He rides better.
He thinks more and is less reactive.

Very impressive how fast we saw results with the Pharm-Aloe!
We tried lots of different supplements but never saw the improvement like we did with the Pharm-Aloe.
We’ve seen a huge change in him!

He seems to really like the taste of aloe vera.

Caitlan Morris 5/11/18

Mariah Swallows

For the last 3 years Pharm-Aloe has become a staple supplement in the feeding regimen that I have all of my horses on.
I began by using it on our racehorses that were in training at the track.
The high stress that most racehorses experience can often make them prone to stomach and gastrointestinal issues.
Shortly after starting Pharm-Aloe, I realized that gastrointestinal issues were few and far between.
My horses were maintaining a great appetite and were having less health complications in general.
I believe it has helped maintain a healthy immune system and gastrointestinal function in each horse I have, both in training and out of training.

Mariah Swallows




Suggested Use per 1,000 lb horse: 30 ml or 1 fl oz or 1 capful

A Loading / Stress Administration
1,300 lbs = 78 ml
1,000 lbs = 60 ml = 2 fl oz/capfuls
700 lbs = 42 ml
500 lbs = 30 ml = 1 fl oz/capful
300 lbs = 18 ml 

    Maintenance Administration
    1,300 lbs = 20 ml
    1,000 lbs = 15 ml = 1/2 fl oz/capful
    700 lbs = 11 ml
    500 lbs = 8ml
    300 lbs = 5ml

      Higher amounts may be administered as needed 

      Dogs and Cats Stress:   .6 ml or 12 drops per 10 lbs. 

      Dogs and Cats Maintenance:   .15 ml or 3 drops per 10 lbs.


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